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Fillet of Cod Confit

Ingredients: desalted cod fillet, garlic, onion, Evo Bio oil.

Preparation: once vacuum packed in a microwave oven, it is cooked for 18min at 70 ° C. gr350

Self Life 30 days


Fillet of Gallinella Confit: We fillet the Gallinelle in our laboratories, take the fillets and season with organic extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic and parsley ... all vacuum-packed and cooked at low temperature, thus guaranteeing a product of the highest quality keeping all the organoleptic properties intact.

A gourmet dish ready in a minute, the solution you were waiting for.


Shelf Life 30 days


Technical Data Sheet: Ingredients, Sea Bream Fillet chosen seasoned with salt, parsley, garlic, organic extra virgin olive oil .... a few ingredients for a sublime result, vacuum packed and cooked for 9m at 72 ° C, the second ready that everyone would like.


shelf life 30g


Confit Smoked Scottish Salmon Fillet: Fillet the Salmon obtaining the central part of the fillet that remains perfect for the dish in question, the fillet steak is placed in a smoker powered only with beech wood for about 1 hour at 62 degrees, after which that the fillet is seasoned and vacuum-packed so as to finish cooking at a low temperature.

This method guarantees the total quality and integrity of all the organoleptic properties of the product.

A dish ready on your table in just one minute ...

Pack of 250gr

Shelf Life 30 days


Technical data sheet: Ingredients, selected sea bass fillet, salt, garlic, parsley, organic extra virgin olive oil .... all vacuum-packed and cooked for 9m at 72 ° C.

Excellent result, a second of unique fish that can be tasted every day.

220 g

shelf life 30g


Technical data sheet: Ingredients, Cod fillet, Avezzano potatoes, salt, pepper, Parsley, garlic, breadcrumbs, organic extra virgin olive oil. Everything is rigorously prepared in our laboratories, after the preparation of the meatballs the vacuum packaging takes place in a tray, this preserves the freshness and guarantees us perfect cooking.

excellent for everything, from appetizer to absolute second, but also for an aperitif.


shelf life 60g