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Francesina di Pollo Italia, chosen and selected by us.
pack of about 600 gr
shelf life 6 days
Boneless Francesina di Pollo Italy chosen by us, selected and boned.
Excellent as a chicken cut.
pack of about 380 gr
shelf life 16 days
Fresh hen from Italian farms
shelf life 30 days

Description: Chicken breast from Italy, chosen and sectioned by us. On request cut into slices, in single portion and vacuum packaging. About 800gr

shelf life 16 days
Turkey breast from Italian farms:
white meat that falls within the 1st fundamental group of foods, a nutritional source of proteins with a high biological value, specific vitamins and minerals.
shelf life 16 days

Free range Chicken: the best chickens are chosen and selected from the most qualified farms in Italy and from an organic diet to guarantee the best on our tables. 2,800 kg shelf life 20g