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Culatello di Bufala Pontina: From our laboratories this unique product is born both in its kind and in its taste, we select the best muscle to have a final result without equal. intense flavor but fragrant on the palate, excellent to eat even absolute to appreciate its complexity. shelf life 150g


Seasoned goose ham

Ingredients: Goose thigh, salt, pepper, natural flavors,

Preparation: After 48h of dry tanning, it should be lightly passed in a smoker under 40C. Seasoning 30 days; vacuum packed, gr450

Self Life 120 days


Boneless European decorated ham: European pork leg and salt, a ham with a simple taste, semi-sweet on the palate is perfect for simple appetizers, it can also be defined as everyday ham. 6.5kg, 3kg, 1.5kg ham.


Bassiano ham 18 months Boneless reserve: National pork leg, salt and a lot of Bassiano air make this ham unique in flavor and characteristics, a product of Agropontino that for years has been increasingly appreciated throughout Italy. 8kg, 4kg, 2kg ham.


Prosciutto di Norcia PGI is a cured meat product, raw and seasoned, obtained from the processing of fresh legs of heavy pigs, generally the offspring of Large White and Italian Landrace, Duroc sows or other breeds deemed compatible with Italian heavy pig.

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