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Sardinian Mussels Confit, the Sardinian fruit is of the highest quality ... this is the reason why we only use Sardinian Mussels, five ingredients for a mouth-watering mussel soutè .... quick and easy to prepare. gr300 shelf life 30g


Confit Veraci Clams, Italian Veraci Clams, few ingredients but of the highest quality ... simple regeneration that in five minutes allows you to eat an excellent spaghetti with clams. gr250 shelf life 30g


Confit fish soup

Ingredients: Octopus, dormouse, cuttlefish, squid, crock fillet, rock fish, Evo Bio oil, onion, garlic, crushed red pepper, salt, bay leaf, Italian tomato sauce DOP, white wine.

Preparation: after cooking for 1 hour, it is vacuum packed in a microwave tray and cooked for 3 hours at 68 ° C. GR300

Self Life 45 days