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A line conceived and wanted all natural History of a passion….

Entered twenty years ago in this beautiful sector made of curiosity, study and dedication, I immediately found myself at ease with everything that surrounds the world of catering ... my passion for great wines, experimenting on the stove with everything the earth gives us, always trying to get the best by using the simplest raw materials ... all this led me a few years ago to start from scratch. My zero point is to go back to the origins, starting a production of dishes made entirely with raw materials fresh, seasonal but above all genuine, where I have also been organic.


Mauro De Grande Owner 

Company Profile

Gevima was born simply out of passion, the food and wine distribution in catering was immediately wanted to give a different service to the professional in the sector, consultancy, study of the food cost on the dishes and in the dining room, taking the customer by the hand by doing together a path of growth. This is the reason that led me to create a Confit production, the meaning of this terminology derives from our French cousins, who already in 1600 in the south west of France cooked meat or plumed in their own fat, flavoring them with various spices and keeping them in clay pots. In my laboratory the whole one-time procedure is reproduced with the addition of technology ... all the pre-filler is first seasoned, marinated or flavored, where it is then vacuum-packed in special cooking bags and it will be immersed in water not exceeding almost never 78C °. Since curiosity is one of my prayers, I dived into the world of smoking, and from here a new production opens ... cured meats, cooked hams, seasoned smokedecc..ecc..