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Almond cream, spreads with extra virgin olive oil, 320gr jar, excellent for everything ... from garnishing ice cream to spread on bread, to add as an ingredient to desserts, cakes. It does not contain gluten.


Sweet Almond Flour: Almond Flour is excellent for pastry ... both as an absolute ingredient and as an aggregate product, its use is simple to obtain excellent desserts. bag of kg1


Almond grains: the almond grains are excellent both for sweet dishes but also for savory dishes ... also ideal as an ingredient for sweet dough or savory bread. bag of kg1


Peeled sweet sliced almonds: a product widely used in the kitchen, ideal for finishing first courses ... excellent to use as a decoration for desserts or even fish main courses. bag of kg1


Sweet peeled almonds: the peeled almond is ideal beyond absolute also for first courses and second courses .... it goes well with Gorgonzola or other Muffati cheeses. bag of kg1


Sweet shelled almonds: this product is ideal for crunchy desserts, excellent for garnishing desserts but also for a moldy cheese .... to be enjoyed simply as well. bag of kg1