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Baked potatoes

Ingredients: Avezzano potatoes, oil, salt, pepper and rosemary

Cooked in the oven and vacuum packed 250 gr

self life 60 days

Caponata Confit, tradition is the master, five vegetables with five different vacuum cooking to form a delicious dish that goes very well with any dish. Ready in a minute in the microwave. gr500 shel life 60g


Carrots Confit, a simple vegetable but full of beneficial properties .... Confit cooking guarantees all its organoleptic properties, ready-to-use side dish ... 1 minute in the microwave and good appetite. gr250 shelf life 60g


Avezzano potatoes smoked in beech wood for 2h and 30 minutes.

Preparation: vacuum cooking for 3h at 72 °. GR250

Self Life 60 days.


Confit potatoes with confit truffle

Ingredients: Avezzano potatoes, truffle sauce with 15% black truffle, white truffle oil, salt.

Preparation: vacuum packed and cooked for 6h at 80C °. GR250

Self Life 60 days


Avezzano potatoes with Rosemary Confit, the best potato in Italy .... unique flavor and pulp of its kind, Confit reaches a higher level ... you can flavor it to your liking, a minute in the microwave and eat a dish of other times. gr250 shelf life 60g