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'Nduja di Spilinga: product that contains the gastronomic idea of an entire region, a fundamental ingredient for traditional dishes but also a product of the new Italian cuisine .... to try in different combinations because it goes well with everything, ideal for lovers some chili peppers. GR300


Cojoni di Mulo in gut: typical Umbrian fine-cured salami, sweet in taste but decided in the mouth as tradition wants ... excellent for gourmet appetizers and tasting aperitifs, a genuine product also ideal for non-lovers of fatty meats. GR200


Goose salami in gut: from the fruit of our work this salami with a unique flavor is born .... the geese that we section for the various processes give life to a series of typical salami from northern Italy, only goose meat, salt, pepper , white wine, garlic and aromatic herbs are the only ingredient for this delicacy, excellent for aperitifs and gourmet appetizers. GR500


Boar salami in gut: the wild boar that in Tuscany is the master goes to create this very tasty salami ... still made in an artisanal way it becomes an excellent product for tastings, gourmet appetizers and perhaps an ingredient for excellent risotto. GR500


Tuscan Finocchiona Salami: selected pork and careful processing give this salami a note of pure Tuscany .... the fennel distinguishes it from all other cured meats, excellent pre appetizers and salami tastings ... but as tradition teaches us inside a focaccia it expresses all its essence. 6 kg, 1.5 kg finocchiona.


Tuscan salami in casings: Typical Tuscan salami, made with only pork meat and seasoned with black pepper in grains .... stuffed into natural casings, it becomes one of the best salami in Italy, excellent for appetizers and gourmet appetizers. kg3,6, kg1,8


Salame Ventricina Piccante: the spicy salami par excellence, the most used in Italian kitchens and delicatessens ... ideal for garnishing pizzas, focaccias but also to be used as appetizers for salami. ventricina from 3kg, 1,5kg.


Technical data sheet: Ingredients, buffalo meat from Agropontino, national pig meat, salt, pepper, fennel and red wine ..... all stuffed in casings.

From our laboratory work this salalmella is selected, both in cuts and in the grind, aged for about 2 months it is dry but moist at the right point, a strong flavor without compromise, ideal for gourmet appetizers or simply enjoyed with a good homemade bread.

350 g

shelf life 150g


Salamino d 'Asina

Ingredients: Donkey meat 85% - pork meat 15%, salt, pepper, natural flavors,

Preparation: sausage in casing, seasoning 20 days. Vacuum packed in 350gr cf

Self Life 120 days


Salamino al Tartufo in gut: Truffle pork salami still made as tradition dictates ... the salami is mixed grain with black truffle flakes, excellent accompaniment to tastings and gourmet dishes. GR500


Umbrian salami in gut: typical Assisi salami, made from medium-sized pork alone ... a tasty salami to taste with good seasoned cheeses .... ideal for gourmet appetizers or salami tastings. GR400


Sweet Siena type sausage: these sausages are comparable to cherries .... sweet and tasty, they are excellent to eat as they come, but also put on a starter of good cured meats they do their part ... 1,2kg bag.