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In Paté all the natural taste of quality. Excellent for seasoning bruschetta and antipsti in general.

Packaged in jars of 190 gr.


Savory Topping Creams: the line of topping creams revolutionizes the line in the kitchen, excellent and quick to use, they give that extra gear to create decorations and to finish in an artistic way pizzas, first courses, second courses and even appetizers. available flavors: radicchio, pumpkin, truffle, porcini. 650gr topping



Porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis and related group) of excellent choice, carefully selected and prepared with oil and aromatic plants. The sliced cut and the cream recipe enhance the taste and yield.

Particularly suitable for filling all types of pizza, but also excellent for the preparation of first courses and side dishes.

800ml shelf life 180g