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Squid and Confit Peas: The Calamari are cut and seasoned with the Confit peas prepared by us ... everything is vacuum packed and cooked at a low temperature.

This method guarantees the total quality and integrity of all the organoleptic properties of the product.

A dish ready on your table in just one minute ...

Pack of 250gr

Shelf Life 30 days


Squid of the Adriatic Confit, the Adriatic Sea gives us this unique product ... Confit cooking does everything else, time to prepare the line and you have on the table a product that can be good for soups, first courses, risotto or simply to be served on toasted bread ... gr200 shelf life 30g


Confit Squid Meatball: Take the baby squids and beat them with a knife, add the Confit potatoes and season everything with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onion and parsley ... all vacuum-packed and cooked in low temperature, thus guaranteeing a product of the highest quality while maintaining all the organoleptic properties intact.

A gourmet dish ready in a minute, the solution you were waiting for.

Pack of 220gr

Shelf Life 30 days


Technical Data Sheet: Ingredients, Octopus Morocco, Avezzano potatoes, salt, pepper, Parsley, garlic, onion, breadcrumbs, organic extra virgin olive oil. Everything is rigorously prepared in our laboratories, after the preparation of the meatballs the vacuum packaging takes place in a tray, this preserves the freshness and guarantees us perfect cooking.

excellent for everything, from appetizer to absolute second, but also for an aperitif.


shelf life 60g

Ingredients: octopus, sweet paprika, potatoes, organic extra virgin olive oil, onion, parsley, chilli powder
shelf life 60 days
Confit octopus tentacle

Ingredients: Octopus tentacle, Organic Evo oil, pepper, garlic, parsley

Preparation: Vacuum packed and cooked for 8h at 70C °. g 250

Self Life 60 days