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Description: Buffalo Bresaola, from the Buffaloes of the Agro Pontino that we select, we obtain the ideal cuts to obtain this delicacy .... our mix of natural aromas gives it a unique flavor, delicate on the palate, almost like a butter. Excellent to serve in gourmet appetizers or simply tasted in delicious appetizers. Shelf Life 150g


Technical Data Sheet: Ingredients, we select the best cuts from the Black Angus legs to obtain our carapaces .... salt, sage, bay leaf, coriander, pepper and then our secret ingredient, made up of liquids that give it a fascinating taste.

Excellent to serve as second absolute, to accompany other red meat meats, elegant and delicate.


shelf life 150g


Technical data sheet: Ingredients, buffalo meat from the Agro Pontino, salt, sage, coriander, bay leaf, pepper and a mix of liquids that we make in our laboratories ...

unique product for flavor and buttery in the mouth, for this product we select only a few cuts so that the result is always the same, delicious to taste both as a second dish and to accompany a gourmet cutting board.

1.5 kg

shelf life 150g

Beef Tataki Gevima
A symbolic dish of Japanese cuisine that fully marries Mediterranean cuisine.
Produced in our laboratories with only carefully selected cuts and marinated with a mix of citrus fruits and sauces selected by us ... a ready dish because you just need to open the package and serve it, recommended at room temperature.
Pack of 280 cinca
shelf life 90 days

Smoked Pastrami

Ingredients: Bovine Picanha Adult from the Marches dry marinated for 12 days

Preparation: Cooking in a smoker with beech wood for 8 hours at 80 °. GR250

Sel Life 60 days