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Technical Data Sheet: Ingredients, Lombard goose meat, National Pork meat, salt, pepper, garlic, Sicilian pistachio and natural flavors .... In our workshops we create this work of art, we make a small cut with a diameter of 8 / 9cm so as to make 1kg mortadella.

Excellent to accompany with gourmet platters, with tastings of cured meats, delicately in the mouth and fragrant on the palate ...


shelf life 120g


Seasoned goose ham

Ingredients: Goose thigh, salt, pepper, natural flavors,

Preparation: After 48h of dry tanning, it should be lightly passed in a smoker under 40C. Seasoning 30 days; vacuum packed, gr450

Self Life 120 days


Confit Goose Cooked Ham, the Goose for us a noble feather that we enhance in all its parts ... the Goose breast is first flavored and then stuffed for them then put into Confit cooking, excellent to serve as an appetizer or accompaniment to salami tasting. gr800 shelf life 90g


Goose salami in gut: from the fruit of our work this salami with a unique flavor is born .... the geese that we section for the various processes give life to a series of typical salami from northern Italy, only goose meat, salt, pepper , white wine, garlic and aromatic herbs are the only ingredient for this delicacy, excellent for aperitifs and gourmet appetizers. GR500

From the processing of the geese we obtain the ideal product for sausages with the sole addition of spices and fresh aromatic herbs.
Stuffed in natural casing it is ready for a natural and perfect seasoning!
shelf life 150 days

Goose Speck,
from the Cascine Milanesi,
we obtain the ideal cuts to obtain this delicacy .... our mix of natural flavors and the light smoking with beech wood give it a unique and delicate flavor on the palate.

Excellent to serve in gourmet appetizers or simply tasted in delicious appetizers.
Shelf Life 150g
700 g approx
From the artisanal production in our laboratories, OCA cured meats are born which we present to our customers in practical packs to have a well-defined food cost in the kitchen. The package includes: speck, ham, mortadella and cooked goose ham
g 250 shelf life 60 days