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Roast turkey Prince: whole turkey breast in the oven, delicate and tasty in the mouth, we recommend pairing with quality honey or fruit jams .... also excellent to serve in appetizers of cold cuts. 3kg, 1.5kg turkey.


Turkey breast: turkey breast is an ideal product for those who want to eat lean meats, its very low percentage of fat guarantees a unique lightness, delicate and fragrant on the palate. 2.5kg turkey.


Porchetta di Lonza Principe: from the Italian tradition for the processing of pork, Porchetta di Lonza is born ... few but good ingredients, excellent in every presentation, from appetizers to appetizers ... also to stuff excellent sandwiches. 4kg, 2kg porchetta.



High quality cooked ham, flavored with Mediterranean spices and aromas, tied by hand and cooked roast.

Gluten free, no added water, no added polyphosphates, no added glutamate and no milk derivatives.

thigh kg8, kg4.

shelf life 120g


Veroni High Yield Cooked Ham: European pork leg, its workmanship makes it perfect for those who want to serve the dish and not a completely natural quality cooked ham .... 8kg, 4kg, 2kg cooked ham.


Cooked Buffalo Ham with Beech: Buffalo from Agropontino National processed by us, we select the best rear cuts to create a unique cooked ham ... syringed with our recipe ... after 7 days of maturation we put it in a smoker for about 2 hours .... after which vacuum packed and cooked at 68 ° ... the whole smoking process takes place with only beech wood. kg 8 shelf life 150 g


Confit Goose Cooked Ham, the Goose for us a noble feather that we enhance in all its parts ... the Goose breast is first flavored and then stuffed for them then put into Confit cooking, excellent to serve as an appetizer or accompaniment to salami tasting. gr800 shelf life 90g



Gevima Cooked Ham, National Pork Thigh, saline and natural flavors .... we bone the pigs' consciences by preparing and tanning them to obtain a product of the highest quality.

hand-tied and vacuum-packed in its own liquids, a haute cuisine ham.

Whole 8kg

half 4kg

shelf life 90g


Prague Smoked Cooked Ham with Beech: National pork leg worked by us, syringed with our prague recipe ... after 7 days of maturation we put it in a smoker for about 24 hours .... all the cooking process takes place with only wood beech. kg15 shelf life 90g

Description: Pork leg, salt, sucrose. Flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate. Aromas and spices. A very slow steam cooking gives our High Quality Cooked Ham an unmistakable aroma, making it the most recognized and most appreciated.
Ferrarini High Quality Cooked Ham is without added polyphosphates, gluten-free, lactose-free and milk protein.
Shelf Life: 180 days

Technical data sheet: Ingredients, leg of Agnello Sardo, sectioned by us and tanned with our rab mix, after 12 hours of tanning we put it in a smoker with only beech wood, it is unique and inimitable in terms of taste and sensations, with a strong flavor and an aftertaste smoked is ideal for gourmet appetizers, theme nights or classy aperitifs.


shelf life 150g


Cooked pork shoulder: product created for bars and pizzerias ... ideal for its yield, it has no waste and this makes it a top product for the filling of sandwiches, croutons, sandwiches, etc.etc. shoulder 8kg, 4kg, 2kg.