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Description: Kiwi fruit, Actinidia chinensis, is a fruit plant native to China. They are long oval or oval elongated berries with robust skin covered with thick hair, perfect for protecting the pulp from sunlight, which would destroy vitamin C. The pulp is of an intense green color, firm, sweet and acidic. The easiest way to enjoy a kiwi is to cut it in half and savor its pulp with a teaspoon. shelf life 30 days


Lemon is one of the few citrus fruits to be used (juice, pulp and peel) almost exclusively as an ingredient, for flavoring or seasoning, and rarely without the addition of sugar.
It has interesting nutritional properties, especially as regards the vitamin and mineral content; the caloric intake, on the other hand, is almost negligible, by virtue of the very low concentration of fructose.
1 kg bag shelf life 30 days


La mela è piacevolmente sinuosa e rotonda, con la buccia liscia e levigata, oppure piacevolmente granulosa e ruvida, ma sempre soda e fresca. Avvicinandola al viso anche l'olfatto è catturato: un profumo intenso,  fruttato, piacevolmente aromatico e naturale.

confezione da 1Kg 

shelf life 30 giorni 

Melon is rich in minerals, vitamins, water, proteins, low in calories and fats.
He is the prince of the table on summer evenings, he hydrates and refreshes us
shelf life 7 days
weight about 1,2-1,5 kg
Abate pears: These fruits are large (each of these pears weighs approximately 270 grams), recognizable by their elongated neck and yellow skin, sometimes reddened in the parts that have been most exposed to the sun. Their pulp is white, dark, with an excellent flavor, slightly acidic.
They should be eaten raw if possible, the peel contains a high amount of fiber, very useful for the digestive system.
They also contain a high percentage of water, vitamins and minerals and have the advantage of being a sugary food that can be consumed easily even by those who are attentive to the diet, for health problems or by choice.
shelf life 10 days
The peach has a yellow or whitish pulp, with a delicate aroma, covered with a velvety skin.
White-fleshed peaches are generally very sweet and not very acidic, while yellow-fleshed peaches usually have an acidic taste with a sweet background.
They have a high content of vitamin A and one are a good source of vitamin C.
shelf life 3/4 days
pkg. 1 kg