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Roe deer is a small-sized deer, quite common in Europe. The photographs in this sheet were taken at different times of the year on the Trieste Karst. The Karst, with thickets interspersed with clearings and highlands on the prairie, is an ideal environment for its sustenance, in which it moves relatively undisturbed by many hikers. The roe deer has camouflage qualities that derive from the color of the coat and the ability to remain perfectly still in the bushes or shrubs.

By attending particular areas of the Karst at time intervals, I observed the same specimens already seen previously. I am therefore convinced that it is a sedentary animal or at least that it favors a certain areal.

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The wild boar (Sus scrofa), 0.80 high at the shoulder, 1.50 meters long, can reach the weight of 180 kg. The legs are short and thin, the head is elongated with small eyes and large ears; vision is not very acute, but the sense of smell and hearing are highly developed. Males use canines, protruding on both jaws, for defense and offense.

The skin is covered with scattered bristles and only in winter with short hair and long and dense bristles. On the nape there is a mane and the tail is narrow and pendulous.


The boar lives in the woods of central and southern Europe, in vast areas of Asia and north-western Africa.

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Wild boar sausage ingredients, wild boar meat, well prepared by us with a well balanced lean fat ratio ... seasoned only with salt and pepper and stuffed into natural casings it takes on a taste of the old local tradition.
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