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Baileys Irish Cream 1lt: thick and full-bodied whiskey cream, Irish whiskey-based liqueur and milk cream with aromas of almond and hazelnut flavor is soft and sugary, good smooth but also with ice. carton of 6bt. 17vol


Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate 1lt: thick and full-bodied whiskey cream, Irish whiskey-based liqueur, authentic Belgian chocolate and madacascar vanilla make this whiskey a rich and sophisticated taste, good smooth but also with ice. carton of 6bt. 17vol

This Single Malt Whiskey is a Scottish Malts, with the intense peat aromas that smoking and water give it during the distillation and aging process. The attention and time that are used to produce the treatments focused on giving it softness are particular notes that will distinguish it from the most sought after and perfumed.
Bright gold color, it releases intense smoky sensations of peat, dried flowers, brackish and iodine notes, malt, candied fruit and caramel.
The ideal would be to taste it alone, alternatively you can opt for a piece of dark chocolate to melt in your mouth or with a good Cuban.
70 cl

Description: Oban's Single Malt Whiskey aged for 14 years is one of the most famous and typical expressions of the Scottish Highlands. Its characteristic marine and malty hints are enlivened by notes of noble woods and a hint of peat smoke. The taste is full and dense, rich and complex 70cl

The "Skye" is a Single Malt Scotch Whiskey which for Talisker wants to strongly represent the character of this indomitable island that fights with the elements of nature. Precisely for this reason he is true to himself, with notes that bring him closer to the classic ten years that made the distillery known. A riot of the sea emerging in the fog, with hints of peat present. Ideal to accompany with a piece of dark chocolate or, simply alone. Like his brothers with similar alcohol content, he can appreciate a drop of water to reveal all its aromas.