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Amaro 31 Marigliano cl70: a mix of thirty-one between 100% Vesuvian herbs and aromatic roots ... with a Mediterranean flavor, a rich and unmistakable taste, an absolute excellent but also as a cocktail mix. carton of 6bt.


Amaro Averna cl70: produced in Caltanissetta despite the acquisition of Campari, it remains an artisan bitter that contains all the taste of Sicily, amber color and strong taste, excellent to serve after meals. carton of 6bt. 29vol


Amaro di Grappa Bonollo cl 70: it is a unique, exclusive and inimitable sensorial experience ... the hints of citrus and aromatic herbs make it a unique journey. carton of 6bt. 30vol


Amaro Jagermaister 1lt: a German bitter made from 56 varieties of herbs, roots, fruits and spices macerated in alcohol, its recipe has been a trade secret since the year of its birth (1934). It is consumed as a smooth digestive but is also suitable as a base for cocktails. carton of 6bt. 35vol


Amaro Lucano 1lt: for 120 years this amaro has been characterized by its taste, the mixing of 30 medicinal herbs gives it a bitter herbaceous taste and notes of absinthe on the palate, also excellent as a base for cocktails. carton of 6bt. 34vol


Amaro Montenegro cl70: the recipe for this amaro is still kept in a safe, written by Stanislao Cobianchi in 1885 ... the recipe calls for the boiling, maceration and distillation of 40 aromatic herbs ... its spicy and aromatic taste helps digestion , good to eat straight or with ice. carton of 6bt. 23vol


Amaro Petrus cl70: with an intense and luminous color made up of aromatic herbs ... on the palate there are hints of dried rose, cherry under sprit and cocoa bean, it closes on bitter returns of rhubarb and gentian, with a slight sprint of ginger. 6bt carton. 47vol


Amaro Piccolo dell'Agro Pontino, one and only Amaro dell'Agro Pontino .... nine aromatic herbs and two fruits are the secret of a digestive that distinguishes this area, ideal for cocktails and end of meals. cl70 35vol


Amaro Unicum 1lt: it is a Hungarian amaro produced with more than 40 medicinal plants and ages in oak barrique, it is consumed as an aperitif or digestive. carton of 6bt. 42vol


Brancamenta lt 1: known as the Italian Amaro ... 27 are the herbs from the world to give life to this product. carton of 6bt. 28vol


Sprizt ST Germain cl70: liqueur born at the foot of the French Alps, from the extract of fresh elderberry flowers ... once picked, the flowers are infused in order to preserve all the flavor and fragrance. The dominant taste of elderberry accompanies the clear fruity, intense and sublime aroma of this liqueur. carton of 3bt. 20vol


Vecchio Amaro del Capo Caffo cl70: symbolic product of the Caffo Distillery, this liqueur is the result of an ancient Calabrian recipe made up of 29 officinal herbs ... its gentle and aromatic taste also adapts to the most delicate palates, excellent served frozen. 8bt carton. 35vol