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Cachaca 51 1lt: from Brazilian origins, Cachaca is obtained directly from the juice of the sugar cane .... with spicy and fruity scents, it is excellent for many cocktail bases. carton of 6bt. 40vol


Cachaca Leblon cl70: from Brazilian origins, Cachaca is obtained directly from the juice of sugar cane .... with spicy and fruity scents, it is excellent for many cocktail bases. carton of 6bt. 40vol


Rhum Capitan Morgan SP Gold lt1: born from a wise bland of Caribbean rum, with spices and natural flavors. it then ages in toasted white oak barrels which give it a pleasantly rich and complex taste. it is characterized by an intense amber color tending to golden ... on the nose it releases sweet hints of vanilla and brown sugar, dried fruit and oak. the taste is soft and refreshing, excellent to taste smooth. carton of 6bt. 35vol


Rhum Centenario 18Yo cl70: the strong oak notes, vanilla notes and a sawy palate are characteristics that distinguish all the rums of the centenary family. A unique and essential rum in which the double accent of brandy and an exceptional body stand out among others. carton of 6bt. 40vol


Rhum Centenario Gran Legado 12Yo cl70: from the small Central American Republic of Costa Rica, this rum has vanilla notes, dried fruit and spices, with an amber color. excellent to be enjoyed straight. carton of 6bt. 40vol


Rhum Coloma + 2 Bicch. cl70: an accessible and complex rum, aged for 8 years in hacienta coloma (1700m alt) in American oak barrels. excellent to be enjoyed straight. pack of 1bt. 40vol


Rhum Diplomatico Reserva cl70: exclusive rice is a sipping, elegant and complex rum, carefully prepared from the purest of sugar cane honey, it is distilled in ancient copper stills aged in small oak barrels for up to 12 years. Amber color ... 6bt carton. 40vol


Rhum Havana Club 7Yo cl70: fruit of the innovative process called (continuous aging) in which a part of each havana 7 blend returns to the aging barrel for future productions. It is distilled from fermented molasses and aged in toasted oak barrels for 7 years, it has a light mahogany color. The nose reveals sweet aromas of toffee and honey, enriched with hints of coffee, tobacco and tropical fruits. In the mouth it is refined, powerful and complex. carton of 6bt. 40vol


Rhum La Mauny Signature cl70: aged 3 years in oak barrels, according to the rules of the a.o.c. the stems are of 4 different types that previously contained moscatel, cognac, port and bourbon ... the appearance is golden in color with copper highlights, fruity, honey and floral notes on the nose, with a dappled taste. carton of 6bt. 40vol

Distilled from pure sugar cane juice, aged with the Solera System in oak barrels that previously hosted Bourbon whiskey, Sherry and Pedro Ximenez wines, Zacapa 23 is obtained from a combination of rums aged up to 23 years.
With a large aromatic structure, dense and complex, with hints of exotic fruit, ripe fruit, dried figs and cream, with a slight spicy sensation. It envelops the palate with noble hints of sherry and wood, with an elegant and evocative finish.
bt 1lt

Rum Don Papa 7 Yo cl70: it is the result of the union of several rums aged more than 7 years, the scent is strong, with vanilla and fruity notes. the taste in the mouth reveals a real explosion of candied fruit and honey flavors. carton of 6bt. 43vol


Rum Kraken cl70: it has a very dark color, almost ink and a strong vanilla and caramel scent, which opens later in a very soft way in the presence of licorice and brown sugar, ages in 12/24 oak barrels months. carton of 6bt. 40vol


Maison La Mauny continues to expand the art of the traditional aging process; VO Signature demonstrates our ability to innovate and surprise; enjoy it straight, on the rocks or in cocktails. Aged rum Agricole AOC Martinique - VO (very old) Aged over 3 years in oak barrels Aged in 4 types of barrels: ex Cognac, ex Bourbon, ex Porto, ex Moscatel A.BV 40% vol. Available in: 70 cl.


Maison La Mauny VSOP is a unique blend of different Agricultural rums, all over 4 years of age, in the tropical warmth of real estate cellars and with an average age of 6 years. Aged Rum agricultural rum AOC Martinique - VSOP (Very Special Old pale pale) Aged over 4 years in oak barrels (French and American) ABV 40% vol. Available in: 70 cl.


Rum produced from sugar cane molasses aged 15 years with the solera method; it is therefore a blend (blend) of rum from different vintages whose maximum aging is precisely 15/23 years. Until 1959, Matusalem was exclusively the Gran Reserva Method Solera 15 years in Cuba. 1 BOTTLE OF 70 cl. 40% vol.
The Pampanero Blanco Rum is a soft and pleasant distillate, obtained with an aging of at least 2 years in American oak barrels and with a subsequent filtration which gives it a transparent and luminous aspect. It has a sweet and fruity aromatic profile which makes it extraordinarily suitable for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks.

Gradation 37.5%

1L bottle

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Rum Pampero Aniversario cl70 Tasting is of excellent structure, velvety, with a soft and enveloping sip, characterized by a sweet and spicy flavor.

Color Deep amber, rich and intense, with hints of vanilla, raisins, chocolate, dried fruit, tobacco and many sweet spices Soft, creamy, warm and enveloping, rich in sweet and spicy aromas
Gradation 40.0% Bottle 70 cl
Very intense golden yellow color, bright and bright, it expresses a complex and elegant smell of vanilla and white pepper, along with sweet hints of dried apricot and raisins, with some hints of wood and toasted notes of coffee beans. The taste is soft, warm and sinuous, it wraps with grace and delicacy but, with the same elegance and kindness, it nails the mouth in copious references of fruit and toasting, in a dry and clean finish, very persistent in the long smoked trail.


Pellerossa is an aged rum-based liqueur combined with the precious honey of Trentino beekeeping. The result is a perfect balance between silky aromas and spicy notes, intertwined with enveloping aromas and a full and sweet taste. It enhances the after meal, delicious as an aperitif but also an excellent base for original and lively cocktails. Gradation (% Vol.): 30 70cl bottle

Rum Santa Teresa1796 AST cl70

Intense amber color with pink gold reflections, it has intense aromas of vanilla, tobacco and toffee candy, with sweet notes of dried apricot and banana, then evolving towards cinnamon and pop corn.

GRADATION 40% bottle cl70
A very well packed agricultural rum from the Trois Rivières of Martinique, this Ambré is extremely accessible with the classic agricultural aromas of fresh sugar cane. Delicious and very good value.


Fruit of the innovative spirit of the Master of Cellar, Trois Rivières Amber Finish Whiskey Single Malt is characterized by its originality, the modernity of its flavors and its great tonicity on the palate. Matured from 12 to 18 months in compliance with the rules of the AOC Martinique, this rum further refines 6 months in Single Malt Whiskey barrels

Gradation 43% 70cl bottle