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A combination of lemon peel and thyme that gives life to a sweet and fresh lemon flavor with herbal notes 800 ml squeeze bottle shelf life 1 year

Avocado-based Guacamole sauce is perfect for aperitifs, brunches and as a natural accompaniment to fajitas, tortillas, nachos, raw vegetables, meat and fish
squeeze bottle 270 ml
shelf life 1 year
Algerian sauce based on spicy mayonnaise, flavored with paprika with onions and spices.
Excellent for ethnic dishes, fried dishes, white meat and Kebabs.
squeeze 875 cl
shelf life 1 year
Blue Cheese is a sauce that has particular blue nuances and an intense flavor, due to the presence of Roquefort, a typical French cheese.
It is a delicious accompaniment to meats and salads.
squeeze 875 cl
shelf life 1 year
You will be blown away by the aroma, texture and sensation of pleasure that it will give to each of your game and meat dishes.
shelf life 1 year
2 L tank

The notes of chilli and vinegar they are decisive and preponderant; following the sweet notes given by the puree emerge of date, whose hint of ripe fruit rounds the whole making it elegant. Sauce suitable for ethnic dishes and / or with strong characterizations spicy. shelf life 1 year cl 875


Garlic sauce is a deliciously creamy sauce mixed with a combination of garlic and chives; ideal to accompany vegetables and bruschetta. squeeze 200 cl shelf life 1 year


Heinz Cherkin relish: The gherkins and dill combine with a slight hint of chili and garlic, making the sauce is an authentic taste experience that goes well with hot dogs and hamburgers squeeze bottle 875 ml shelf life 1 year

Curry sauce with a hint of mango and apricot, slightly spicy.
Ideal to accompany raw vegetables, chicken and fish.
squeeze 220 ml
shelf life 1 year

Creamy bacon flavored American sauce, deliciously smoked. Great to enjoy with burgers and all your favorite American-style foods. shelf life 1 year cl 875


Roasted onion sauce; dense, creamy, rich in flavor .... enhance the taste of your dishes squeeze 875 cl shelf life 1 year


Slightly spicy sweet and sour sauce with notes of chilli and ginger. Suitable to accompany oriental appetizers and main courses squeeze 875 cl shelf life 1 year


Heinz Yogurt sauce: fluid and refreshing, thanks to the acidic notes of Yogurt. Perfect with meat dishes white, fresh vegetable salads, fish. 800 ml squeeze bottle shelf life 1 year

Creole sauce with sweet mustard, honey and mustard seed.
Used in American cuisine, ideal for meats and fried foods.
shelf life 1 year
1 L tank

BBQ Sticky Korean Barbecue Sauce: Characteristic notes of onion and soy, with small pieces of onion, garlic and chilli. In addition to the strong flavor, these ingredients give the sauce a nice texture to the chewing, suitable for transmitting sensations of cooked sauce with tips of freshness. Perfect for marinating red and white meats. shelf life 1 year cl 875


Dessert topping: a solution much appreciated by bars and restaurants for their practicality in finishing and designing any type of dessert. available flavors: caramel, pistachio, berries, chocolate, white chocolate, mint, cherry, black cherry, amaretto, lemon, orange. 1kg topping



The traditional paper pack synonymous with Eridania, with you in all moments of daily sweetness.

Choose it to make original desserts and recipes, or to sweeten your favorite drinks.

1kg pack

Shelf life 12 months