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Thanks to its excellent versatility it is the most used flour in the kitchen! Its rheological characteristics and the right balance make it excellent for obtaining both sweet and savory preparations and for all common uses. &


1 KG 5 KG Shelf life 12 months


Farina 00 Yellow Moon Flour Iaquone: this type 00 flour is ideal for many types of bread, pasta, pizza and focaccia .... 25 kg bag.


Farina 00 Luna Rossa Iaquone flour: excellent flour for pizza, bread and focaccia ... flexible in its use. 25kg bag.

"00" type flour from national and foreign soft grains.
Pleasant and characteristic smell and taste
USE: normal and processed bakery, pastry and cream puffs.

Organic Buckwheat Flour Iaquone: this flour is organic and sustainable .... ideal for bread and focaccia. 1kg bag.


Calabrella Iaquone flour: this is a mixture of ground flours with the addition of chilli pepper ... ideal for creating pizzas, pizzas, breads, focaccias all flavored with Calabria ... 5kg bag.


Iaquone Crunchy Rice Flour: ideal for dusting pizzas ... you can use it in different ways but in any case it guarantees crunchiness. 5kg bag.


Iaquone Wholemeal Flour: this wholemeal flour is ideal for both pizza and bread .... 5kg bags.


Iaquone Multigrain Flour: this flour is ideal for creating pizzas and focaccia with cereals .... 5kg bag


Flour for Pinsa: the ideal flour for pizza alla pala and pinsa romana ... 25kg bag.


Roman Pizza Flour: ideal for Roman pizza ... low and crispy. 25kg bag.


Semi-wholemeal flour Iaquone: semi-wholemeal flour suitable for pizza and bread .... 5kg bag


Farina Roman-style flour Iaquone: type 0 flour ideal for crispy and light pizzas ... as the name says to the Roman. 25kg bag.


Type 0 flour Iaquone: type 0 flour ideal for strong doughs .... pizza and breads are greatly enhanced with this product. 5kg bag.


A story of passion and tradition that of the Iaquone family, which for over 65 years has produced a wide range of flours intended not only for professionals but also for domestic use.

And it is this passion that drives the company.

The care in selecting wheat, experience, tradition and innovation make our flours unique.